Watercolor Wednesday LI

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Happy Wednesday!

Today I bring you a taste of the California Coast.  After vacationing along the Coast for decades, my grandmother asked me to paint her this scene from one of her favorite spots.   Ah…looking forward to the warm weather in the coming months.  Summer please come soon!




Watercolor Wednesday XXXXX

October 16, 2013 § 3 Comments

Happy 50th Watercolor Wednesday!

Today I am sharing a recent commission.

Have a beautiful Wednesday.

praise and gladness_small

watercolor wednesday…XXXXIX

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Is the end of summer and beginning of fall treating you well?  It sure is for me.

Exploration and sunny skies have taken up my time and left few afternoon for painting (just wait for the paintings to come thanks to the dark skies of Seattle to set in this autumn).  But I thought I would share my most recent commission with you from the sunshine of Maldives.  As a wedding gift to their cousins, good friends ‘o mine asked me to paint the couple something special for their wedding day.

Ahh…I think the only thing missing from the painting is a hammock.

With me in it.


Happy Wednesday!

settled in seattle.

August 28, 2013 § 2 Comments

Well.  Hello.

Welcome to my new home…SEATTLE!

Pikes Place Market.

Pikes Place Market.

This has been quite the summer of travel.  Since graduation in June, I haven’t stayed put in once place for more than a week all summer.

It looked something like this….

graduation >> istanbul >> kayseri >> cappadocia >> lake tahoe >> home >> socal roadtrip + slo >> home >> lake tahoe >> seattle >> home >>SEATTLE.

I have spent the last few days as a tourist in my home snapping photos every glimpse I get of the Space Needle and telling myself its acceptable to splurge on Starbucks coffee (I am an independent coffee company snob) because I am in the city where it all began.  A few more days of this  and then into the real world.  Tuesday I start my first day of work!

I had my mom and one of my sisters to tour around the city this week.

My mom and sister, Kathryn, joined me in this week as a tourist.  Despite our lack of fanny packs and polaroids we were shameless tourists this week!

space need

every chance i get…

Chihuly Garden + Glass

Chihuly Garden + Glass

looking forward to more of these!

looking forward to more of these!

Morning run...view of Aurora Bridge from Fremont Bridge.

Morning run…view of Aurora Bridge from Fremont Bridge.

So thankful for my new / old roommate.  Kristina and I made the jump to the Emerald City together...college roommates to newbie-in-the-city roommates!
So thankful for my new / old roommate. Kristina and I made the jump to the Emerald City together…college roommates to newbie-in-the-city roommates!

   Thanks for checking in.  Maybe someday soon I will get around to sharing the rest of my trip to Cappadocia, Turkey.  But for now, enjoy Seattle and look forward to more watercolors!

Istanbul Adventures

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It’s Wednesday.  And this is not a watercolor.

Today I trade my paintbrush for pictures to share with you my most recent escapade in Turkey!

I spent three weeks hopping around the country of Turkish Delight, Turkish Baths and 7 churches from Revelation.  My first week was spent in Istanbul, second in Kayseri and the finale in the surreal land of Cappadocia.

We spent our days helping teach English, meeting new Turkish friends and exploring the historical city.

When a family I know announced they were spending the summer in Istanbul for work, I thought why not join?  The city was unlike any other I had visited last year.

First, the city is huge…some estimates say 14 million, others 18…either way, its huge! People everywhere at all hours.

Second, the city is the only one in the world to straddle two continents.  The Bosphorus Straight runs between the city, dividing the city between the continent of Europe and Asia.  First time in Asia…whoopee!

Third, this place is old!  While living in Europe last year, I became accustomed to visiting cathedrals 600 years old but Turkey is home to monuments and places that pre-date the time of Christ.

And lastly, this was my first experience in a Muslim culture.  In 1493, Constantinople was conquered by Muslims, changing the name to Istanbul and continuing the Muslim rule today.  I quickly became accustomed to daily calls to prayer and minarets poking through the cityscape.

blue mosque_small

Exploring the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, aka the Blue Mosque, built in 1616 and still used as a mosque.

haggia int_small

Across the street is the Hagia Sophia, one of the most famous places in the world.  Originally a church built the 6th century, then converted into a mosque in 1493 after the city was conquered by Muslims and has been a museum since the 1930s.


Hand painted ceramics in the Grand Bazar.  I bargained my way to snag a few of these to bring home.


Exploring the Grand Bazar and some Turkish handmade goodies.


Some of the group at Taksim Square, the site of many of the current protests…looking pretty calm right now.


Enjoying cards with some of our new Turkish friends.


Snapshots from Kadıköy, the neighborhood on the Asia side where we stayed.  It was a colorful neighborhood full of cozy coffee shops, antique stores and bustling restaurants.


While there I taught a few watercolor lessons…from the coast of Kadıköy to a Vacation Bible School with Turkish and gypsy kids.  They were all excellent artists!

Check back soon for more posts from Turkey.

watercolor wednesday XXXXVIII

June 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

bullitHello Seattle!

Today we visit the Bullitt Center, a newly opened office building in Capital Hill in Seattle, Washington.  This isn’t just any office building, its the “greenest office building in the world.” Complete with a roof of solar panels, composting toilets and 250 year lifespan, the center is designed to function like a rainforest.

I visited the center during my November trip to Seattle and loved its environmental aspirations and exemplary Pacific Northwest design.  Gone are the days of ‘green’ buildings looking like ugly spaceships.

In August I will be moving north to Seattle to work in an architecture firm.  Looking forward to the upcoming adventures…but before that happens I will be graduating this weekend and traveling in Turkey for three weeks!  Keep you posted on the paintings, projects and adventures.

watercolorWEDNESDAY XXXXVII- Guest Artist Kristina Marie

June 5, 2013 § 3 Comments

Happy Wednesday!

Today I am very excited to share with you a guest artist, the talented and creative Kristina Marie (who so happens to be my roommate)!

Oh yes, and today is Kristina’s 23rd birthday so wish her well.

Like many architecture students, Kristina has a natural talent to paint and draw and painted this whimsical scene of the creek in downtown San Luis Obispo.


After becoming instant friends one fateful weekend early in freshman year Kristina and I have grown our relationship on this continent and across the pond for the past five years.  Kristina studied in Florence, Italy last year and between visiting one another and one memorable trip to good ole Eirland, Kristina and I got to spend over three weeks traveling together last year.  This past year we have had the pleasure of sharing one very hyggelit (cozy) apartment in downtown San Luis Obispo.  Its been a beautiful year of spontaneous dance parties, tea times and delicious meals.   Here is to one birthday and hopefully many more!

Come August I have plans to move to Seattle with hopes of Kristina joining me!  Keep you updated on the adventure.156575_3753140788317_680224990_n