Learning from the Farmers

September 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

the roof is made of seaweed and its almost 4' thick in some areas!

This past weekend I got to opportunity to explore Copenhagen’s ‘Open Air Museum.’ The ‘museum’ is not really a museum at all.  It several acres outside of Copenhagen that have been transformed into a historical park.  For the last 50 years the museum has collected typical Scandanavian architecture examples from 1500-1900.  Barns, cottages, mansions, general stores and everything in between.  All examples have been moved to the site brick-by-brick and are preserved in their original state, many including artifacts from the time.

The trip was like a time warp.  We traveled from Northern Sweden in the 1600s to Southern Jutland in the 1850s all within a couple of hours!

Although we might not call these homes ‘architectural gems,’ they did show a great mastery of architecture, design and craftsmanship.  All structures were made from materials from their local surroundings…that sounds like sustainable architecture, huh?

Here we are centuries later, learning from the farmers.

traditional Danish dances being performed in the park

interior of a barn...nothing but the basics.

Forgive me, I had to do a tourist pose just to prove I was there.

17th century windmill- it rotates according to wind direction!

Barn from Sweden using timber framing

Mmmm...love them textures!


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