Hamlet and Helsingør

September 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

This weekend I took a day trip up the eastern coast of Denmark to the city of Helsingør (Elsinore for us English speaking folks).  Helsingør is home to Kronborg Castle, a.k.a. the castle that Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ takes place.  Yes, the real Shakespeare!

Back in the day, (pre 1600s) Helsingør was located in the middle of Denmark.  However after a unsuccessful war with Sweden in 1660, Denmark lost all of its Swedish territory and Helsingør became the most northern part of Eastern Denmark.  After the defeat, the royals moved out of Kronborg and the military moved in.  Now Kronborg Castle is home to many tourists and Shakespeare lovers.

Before going to tour the castle we stumbled upon Kulture Værftet (The Culture Yard), a beautiful newly opened library/event center.  Once home to a ship building yard, the existings buildings have been renonnovated.  The result is a beautiful play with the old and new, light and dark, solid and void.  I was impressed!


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