Cycling through Samsø

September 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

View from the ferry on our way to Samsø. Since Copenhagen is located on the east coast, I had not seen a sunset in over a month. Refreshing!

In 1997 the Danish government held a competition to fund a 10-year energy project.  The project would be awarded to an island in Denmark that could produce 100% of its own energy in a ten-year period.

 The island that won?  Samsø.

Samsø is a 30km long skinny island about four hours (2 hours by train + 2 hour ferry ride) from Copenhagen.  Thanks to the funding from the energy project, Samsø became completely energy self-sufficient (and more) by 2003, just 6 years after winning the competition.

 How so? The wind!

Samsø is full powered by the wind thanks to 11 1MW turbines on the shore and 10 2.3MW wind turbines located along the coast.

 And guess what?  I got to climb up one!

I took a weekend trip with 30 of my fellow renewable-energy-nerd-classmates to check out ‘Sustainable Samsø.’  We spent the Saturday biking around the southern part of the island learning about the energy production on the island, historical architecture and Samsø culture.  Sunday was spent hiking the highest point on the island, Nordby Hills (which for a California girl was more of a slope).  After the wet hike we retreated to Samsø Bryghus, for an all organic, locally grown fest of Danish favorites and homemade beer.

It was both a relaxing and educational (and wet) weekend.  

Was I ready to go back to the bussle of Copenhagen?  Not quite.

Tak for en fantastisk weekend Samsø!

what sustains Samsø!

From the top of the wind turbine!

inside a wind turbine, no big deal.

rainy weekend! top of Nordby "Hills" (bumps)

ahh! Delicious, warm, Danish meal at the Bryghus after a cold hike.

The architects had to grab a shot infront of the adorable little homes of Samsø!


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