Colorful Copenhagen

October 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

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A reason I am so excited to live in Copenhagen for the year is to truly experience the seasons.  Growing up in Northern California, I was deprived of true seasons.  Yes, there might be a shift of 20° (Fahrenheit that is) and some leaves change and fall, but nothing too exciting.

Copenhagen however boasts a full year of seasons.  Golds, oranges and scarlet clothe the tree leaves and the crisp Autumn air blows (a lot).

This past week has been the best weather I have experienced since moving to Copenhagen.  Blue skies, fresh air and the beginning of fall.  Autumn is upon us and the colors are starting to change.  Today I spent the day in Dyrehaven, a national park in Eastern Denmark, where I was able to witness the beginning of the seasonal change.  I am so excited for the Denmark to fully burst in a rainbow of warm colors.

I will keep you updated, but enjoy the pictures from the beginning of fall!



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