Happy Turkey Day fra Danmark!

November 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

So since I am in Denmark you would assume I would not celebrate Thanksgiving, right?


Not only did I celebrate this splendid American holiday in Denmark

I celebrated it THREE times!

In the States Thanksgiving is a family affair, so if you have one family, you celebrate it once.

When you are studying abroad in Denmark and don’t have your family who do you celebrate with?

Your friends!

And apparently I am just too popular for my own good because I got to celebrate three times.

Hat trick!

Allow me to share with you the three very special and memorable Thanksgivings of 2011…

(I apologize for not taking many photos.  I was busy in the kitchen everytime!)

Thanksgiving I

I helped my good friend Kathy cook and eat Thanksgiving with her host family and friends.  We were both complete rookies in cooking for this holiday, but somehow everything worked and was delicious!


Kathy and I tired and hungry after cooking all afternoon. Let's eat!

Kathy's host mom, Brita, getting ready to cut her first turkey!

Thanksgiving II

I hosted my very own Thanksgiving!  My host mom, Katrine, has been talking about Thanksgiving since the day I walked in the door.  Her past host students had introduced her to the American tradition and she wanted the same this year.

This was my first time flying solo.  So after a day of preparation and a full day of cooking in the kitchen I pulled off a meal for eight of us without burning the apartment down!  Success!

Homemade bread rolls. I am becoming so domestic here.


Real stuffing. Not the stuff from a box!

apple crisp for dessert. Classic, easy and delicious!

celebrating with friends!

Thanksgiving III

My third and final Thanksgiving celebration was my most diverse Thanksgiving ever.  The food was the traditional American feast, but the people were…well, not American! This was my ‘international’ Thanksgiving celebrating with 36 other young adults from over a dozen countries (with only 8 Americans!).

Since moving to Copenhagen I have started to attend an international church that draws people from well, all over the world!  We gathered together to give thanks and share a traditional American holiday together.  It was some people’s first time eating turkey, trying stuffing and tasting pumpkin pie.  Everyone loved it and can’t wait for Thanksgiving again!

Picture this: I sat with a woman from Indonesia on my left, a South African across from me, a Romanian next to her and a Dane (who lives in Sweden) to my right.  Four continents represented within a 1 meter radius!

my homemade place setting

Representing the Americans! My fellow DIS student friend Alexis and me are ready to eat!

some of the group. my camera was not a fan of the hyggelit lighting and motion, but you get the idea.

Maybe I missed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, American football and my family but it was still a fabulous Thanksgiving(s).  Thank you to all of you who made it special and I missed all of you back home.

No matter where we are, America or Denmark, we can always gather, give thanks and praise the Lord for our blessings. 

 Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s now socially acceptable for me to start blaring my Christmas music!


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  • Bob Stabler says:

    Glad you had a great time. Hope you did not eat to much and can still have dinner with me tonight. Looking forward to seeing you for the next couple days. your Dad

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