a special vistor indeed

December 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

Hello 2012!  Before the year closes I have one more post of 2011 for you…

Once his classes were finished, finals complete and bags packed my boyfriend, C.J. made the trek across the pond to Denmark for a special visit indeed.  I don’t know who was more excited, him or me?

Since it was C.J.’s first time in Europe, I tried to make it as educational and cultural as possible.  Here are a few elements of Danish culture I tried to share with him…

Soccer (Fooootball)

When I asked C.J. this summer what he wanted to do in Denmark he said he wanted to see “European soccer!”

So I surprised him with an early birthday present to the FC Copenhagen game at Copenhagen’s Parken stadium. Unfortunately FC lost to  Standard Liège but we saw a great game and C.J. got his European soccer memory.


Yes…pastries!  Denmark is famous for their delicious pastries.

Ironically called ‘Wienerbrød.’  Translation: ‘Viennese bread’

I had to remind C.J. call them “pastries” and not to call them “danishes” as we do in the States.  Saying you want to “eat a Danish” in Denmark can get you some weird looks.


Since it was C.J. first time to Europe, I took him to Sweden so he could say he went to TWO countries.  We took a day trip across the Øresund to Malmø in Sweden to a fun day of exploration, Christmas markets and acting like dorks.


Yes we have pastries…and we have crepes (dessert pancakes)!  Denmark has more to offer than just sweets.

We have potatoes…and bacon.


Yes! There was SOME daylight while he was here.

Like a true Dane, C.J. snapped this shot of the sunlight on Frederiks Kirke to commemorate the light’s beauty.  He was here one week and he already missed the California sun.


Its the holiday season, so shopping was a must.

Doesn’t he look happy?


C.J. favorite memory of Denmark was ‘hygge.’ Hygge does not have a direct English translation but it abstractly means coziness, candles and good times with friends.

So hyggelit.

So many memories, coffee shops visited and fun dinners with friends.  I am so thankful C.J. came to visit and secretly wish I had stolen his passport so he couldn’t leave Denmark.

We are both having our own exciting 4th-year adventures but I do look forward to finally being in the same country as my boyfriend (but not ready for my European excursion to end).

Tak for besøget C.J!

So thank you 2011, you have been so good to me.  

Bring it on 2012!


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