January 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

After leaving the Pantheon (yes, the real Pantheon) I am cold.

Need coffee.

My coffee radar goes on.

In search of fun café with Italian flair.  

I quickly find a café.  It so happens to be Taza d’Oro Café, a place I found on Spotted by Locals, a very Italian café claiming to be ‘el mejor del mundo’ (the best in the world).

Big claim, let’s see about that.

I enter and find a packed coffee house with rows of coffee cans lining the walls, screams of the espresso machine foaming up milk and a more Italian conversations going on than Italians inside.

I decide to go Italian and order a cappuccino.

I feel so Italian just saying cappuccino

At the counter the baristas and patrons are chatting, laughing and joking with each other.  Everyone is friends.  I hand over my receipt and receive a small glass of foamy goodness back.

It really is ‘el mejor del mundo.’

Typical Italy, there is no where to sit. You order your drink, down it and get on with your day.

I stand at the counter, slowly enjoying my glass of goodness and people watch.  In the short time I drink my cappacino, three Italians have already come next to me, ordered, drank their espressos and left.

As I stand there, the old man at the bar glares at me with his eyes yelling ‘intruder!’

Its okay, I admit I am turista and proud of it.

As an outsider I can appreciate this vibrant and unique culture.  I want to be ignored, to be a fly on the wall and just absorb all that is around me.  I did not come to disturb but the observe.

The more I see of Italy, the more I love.  The land of Renaissance, ruins, outspoken Italians and cheap (and delicious) espresso.

I begin to wonder, did I study abroad in the wrong country?

I spent a beautiful four extremely full days in Rome.  One could be a professional tourist for a lifetime in Rome and still not experience all Rome has to offer.

Rome…where to begin?

The beginning of the western world?  The birth of architecture?  The center of the Catholic faith?  The namesake of Roman numerals, Roman bricks, Roman Catholic, Roman calendar…(the list goes on)?  

I don’t know where to begin, so hopefully the pictures can do some explaining.

Thank you Rome, you are a treasure chest.

But don’t worry Denmark, I am still so happy with my decision to call you home for these nine months.


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