January 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dusk is coming and fiery rays from above illuminate the trees around me into a glowing puffs oranges and golds.

I continue to follow the crumbling signs pointing to ‘Piazza Michangelo‘ zig-zagging me up a hill further from the city center.  Friends told me to take a stroll up to the Piazza without further explanation so I have no idea what to expect when I reach the top.  I continue to trudge up the sloping hill in hopes of finding something magical above me.

The wind carries the melodies of a husky female voice signing from above me.  I can hear a crowd of people near.

My destination is close.

I follow the voices and find myself at the base of a staircase.  About a hundred people sit on the steps of the piazza overlooking the city, listening to the female performer belt out lyrics about wanting a Mercedes…or something like that.

I bypass the performance and ascend up the stairs.  After the short climb I am met by a bustling piazza full of tourists, souvenir vendors and gelato stands.

I catch my breath, peek over my shoulder and gasp at the stunning sight before me.

The final destination of my last travels was Florence (Firenze) for a relaxing stay with friends. Twenty five of my peers from Cal Poly are currently studying in the birthplace of Renaissance architecture.  After a whirlwind of sight-seeing in Rome, a quiet week in Florence with friends was just what I needed.

I spent my time strolling through Renaissance history, taking day-trips through Tuscany and bargaining with vendors at San Lorenzo leather market.  But most of my time was spent with friends.  Eating, drinking and being merry with these folks was such a treat.  It was so refreshing to see so many familiar faces in a foreign land.

Grazi to all who made my time in Firenze so memorable!


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