February 29, 2012 § 4 Comments

Hello again from Copenhagen!

See that skinny glowing building?  THAT does not really exist!

Actually this is a painting from my most recent architecture project here at DIS.  The project prompt was an infill building (designing a building between two existing buildings) designed to showcase contemporary Danish furniture.  The project site is located on Europe’s longest (1.1 km) pedestrian shopping street, Strøget, close to Copenhagen’s Rådhuspladsen.

My concept was to show modern Danish furniture in a distinctive Danish (and hyggelit) environment.  Taking note from Scandinavian architectural critic, Christian Norberg-Schultz: “The word home, as we have suggested is a key to the Nordic.  In the North, life does not ensure on the piazza but in the home and its grandeur,” I designed a Danish domestic interior to connect the traditional Danish to the contemporary.  Using the three H’s: home, hearth and hygge a domestic Danish atmosphere is created.

Who knows, maybe Strøget will really look like this one day but for now, enjoy Strøget at night!


§ 4 Responses to watercolorWEDNESDAY XXVI

  • knotrune says:

    I think your design fits well into that street, it looks welcoming. I can imagine walking past, looking into the bright friendly windows filled with cool Scandinavian furniture and going in. The huge windows are great for a shop like that, natural light, stunning views as a dramatic backdrop to the furniture, also a good draw to bring more people in from the streets as they see others looking round. I hope it will get built one day 🙂

  • I was showing your blog to a co-worker and was excited that it was Watercolour Wednesday! Her family is from Denmark 🙂 I am enjoying learning more about the country through your blog.

  • Olga says:

    you made me wanna walk on that street, it look very cozy and welcoming. are you painting and scanning or you do it in some computer program? I loved a lot your blog

  • elizabethweaver says:

    Beautiful watercolor. Love the colors and movement conveyed.

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