The Danish Craft

March 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

I enter the shop.  Immediately the familiar smell of sawdust and roar of the band saw hits my senses.

I take the site around me: a small warehouse with stacks of freshly cut wood haphazardly stacked around the room, piles of sawdust dust my feet and the Nordic sun glaring into my eyes.

After over six months of learning about the Danish Craft, I am now here to witness it myself.

Apart from painting this WEDNESDAY, I got the opportunity to visit PP Møbler’s cabinet maker furniture shop with my Danish Design class.

Upon our entry, we were greeted by Søren, the company’s director.  Søren’s father opened PP Møbler in 1953 and the company has been crafting classics ever since.  PP Møbler is best known for producing many of Golden Age Danish furniture designer, Han J. Wegner’s designs. Wegner is responsible for many famous furniture designs, including ‘The Chair’ in which Kennedy, Nixon and Obama have all been iconically photographed sitting in.

After our intro by Søren, We were greeted by his son Kasper (third generation).  This is truly a family business! Kasper spent the next three hours explaining everything that goes into that beautifully crafted sculpture you place your bum in (the company produces almost exclusively chairs).

Take a look around…

Kasper, the third generation owner describes for us the sustainable forestry techniques implemented on the wood they use.

Just another day at the office…

Hand crafting each individual piece of the chairs.  No wonder they are so expensive!

A combination of modern techniques like the CNC machine and the traditional are used

Pieces waiting to be assembled in the basement

Our class admiring the craft of Wagner’s Papa Bear Chair

Hand upholstery on each Papa Bear chair…that means 1.5 weeks/ chair!

Relaxing in a $15,000USD chair…no big deal

The craftswoman at work!  In the 10 minutes we watched her, she had already weaved over half the chair!

This kind fellow has been working at PP Møbler for the past 50 years.  With an age well past 80, he just cut his work back from five days a week to four.

Clearly the Danish Craft is strongly rooted in PP Møbler’s company.  The visit was enlightening and has me itching to get working in the woodshop!

To check out the finished product, check out PP Møbler’s site!

Kennedy in Wegner’s “The Chair”


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