kærlighed til min lejlighed

April 8, 2012 § 4 Comments

I will forever remember the squeaks from the door handle, the glass rattling in the bathroom, the upstairs sink bubbling, footsteps trudging up the stairs and the neighbor’s children’s squeals as they get ready for bed.

This place is home.

This is the apartment I love.

At the start of this semester I moved from the suburbs of Copenhagen into the big city and I am soaking up the city life experience.  Runs around the Lakes, coffee in the park and people watching from my balcony (not in a creepy way) are just some of the perks of my new city lifestyle.  Last semester I had the joy of living in the suburbs with a great host family but this semester I decided to switch things up and try life in the capital city.

My new home is a typical beautiful Copenhagen apartment in Østerbro.  Østerbro (translated as ‘east bridge’)  is one of Copenhagen’s five neighborhoods and is considered as the posh (some say boring, I say classy) quarter of Copenhagen.  As my Danish teacher likes to remind me, Østerbro is the only ‘-bro’ that was never once a slum (she lives in Østerbro, if you couldn’t tell).  I share the apartment with my two roommates who are studying at the medical and business schools in Copenhagen.

So I figured before I return to the States (in just a few months– ahh!) I should show you around!  Here are some sneaks of the place that has quickly become my home.

Love for my apartment.

Kærlighed til min lejlighed.


§ 4 Responses to kærlighed til min lejlighed

  • V for ... says:

    Good choice! It’s great that you get to experience both lifestyles and soak up all there is to experience in your last months! Must be a little expensive no? I’m thinking of going to Coppenhagen soon, and people tell me how expensive it is. Any tips to save up? Oh, and as a little aside note, that family you lived with before, it is your school that recommended them to you or its another unrelated program? Thanks. Have fun!

  • elizabethweaver says:

    I love your place as well and your images of it, which communicate your love of it. Lovely work in all ways.

  • Mendi says:

    The first shot is beautiful!

  • Hello! My name is Hilary and I’m a student from Washington College in Maryland. I will be studying abroad in Copenhagen this coming Fall and would love to get in touch with you to discuss living arrangements since I am the only one going from my school. Your apartment looks fantastic! Hope you are enjoying your last few months!

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