the waves obey

April 8, 2012 § 3 Comments

Break. Roll. Wash. Seep. Foam. Froth. Crawl. Soak. Descend.

I am mesmerized by the belly of the sea.

Methodical waves sweep ashore.

In the waves my thoughts are silenced.

In the waves I am present.

In the waves I am somewhere else.

No past and no future exist.

Only the present.

Crack. Break. Roll. Wash. Seep. Foam. Froth. Crawl. Soak. Descend.

The waves shatter on.

“The men were amazed and asked, “what kind of man is this? even the winds and the waves obey him!” Matthew 8:27

I have been reunited with my family after eight months apart and have been enjoying their company for the last week while traveling together.  This morning we found ourselves soaking up the Lord’s majestic artwork on the coast of Monterosso al Mare, one of the five villages of Cinque Terra along the picturesque west coast of Italy.

I rose early to take a walk along the sandy coast, take in the waves and reflect on this holy day.

“This is what is written: The Christ will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance and forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.  You are witnesses to these things.” Luke 24:45-47

Wishing you a blessed Easter.


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