Meet the Stablers

April 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

If you don’t know my family,

You should.

They are awesome.

To describe my family I could get all mushy and lovey and stuff, but lets cut to the chase–my family members are dorks (well, dad is pretty normal).

Ridiculous pun lines, unattractive funny photo faces, plenty of laughs and way too many short-people jokes (directed at me)…and Abracadabra! you have my family.

I recently returned from two weeks of travel (man, I travel a lot!) and had the pleasure of spending most of the break with my (quirky) family.  Like any good American family, we tried to see as much of Europe as possible and hopped our way around the continent like it was a box of chocolates (mmm…Belgian Chocolates).

I am blessed with two great parents and two adorably goofy younger sisters.  Put us in Europe together and you have a crazy family on the loose!

The adventure began in Copenhagen when I was reunited with my family after 8 months apart and had the joy of sharing my new home with them.  From Copenhagen, we flew to Rome then trained our way north to Florence and Cinque Terra. Our final destination was London where I said goodbye to the ones I love (but not for long, be back in to the States in just over a month, yikes!).

This is the Stabler family in Europe folks.

Welcome to Copenhagen!  Cold winds and rainy weather greeted the fam as they followed this gifted tour guide around Copenhagen.

Hey mom! Like our hats?!?

Jumping around by the harbor.

You have got to love interactive civic design- fun for the whole family!

Getting a lift at Gråbrødretorv.  Look I am the tallest (almost)!

Although inspired, my family didn’t get the same architectural-butterflies I get when visiting the Pantheon.  The sisters didn’t like that I was getting a lift…check out our feet.

Who needs gladiators when you have the Stabler sisters?

“Tough” girls at the Colosseum

Checking out the Roman Forum from high heights.

Just finished listening to the Pope talk at St Peters Square in Vatican City.

Hey Grandma!  Look out for a postcard from the Vatican!

Sister bonding time at Piazza Michangelo in Florence.

Family hiking in Cinque Terra, Italy.

Its hot, then its cold.  Its steep, then flat.  Its colorful then its more colorful!

The faces of travelers.  Aren’t they happy?!?

A rainy day in London Town!

Cheers to a trip well traveled!

Yes, I know you are jealous.

My family is awesome!

(a gracious thanks to the United Bank of Mom and Dad for funding this trip)


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