Temple Bar.

April 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

Green Converse lace-ups float upon the cobble stones.

She can’t help but dance.

The tune of the fiddle, the beats of the drum box, and the chords of the guitar blend together to produce a nostalgic harmony.

Five young lads sporting grungy clothes, unwashed long hair and taped together instruments beat along the traditional Irish folk tunes.

…two people stop…ten people stop…fifty people…one hundred people gather forming a crescent-shaped stage crowd around the band.

Her courage builds.

Her feet begin to tap and suddenly she finds herself in the middle stage jumping along the beats of her heritage.  The dance steps from her childhood effortlessly flow from her feet.

Cameras come out, smiles grow upon faces, a chorus of clapping hands begin and the clink of the coins thrown into the open guitar case adds to the merriment.

Two young girls admire the dancer’s confidence and join the lone dancer in the middle of the stage. Pair-by-pair more join the stage until the whole street explodes into a dancing parade.

Welcome to Temple Bar.

(if link does not work go to http://vimeo.com/40823918)

On a recent merry Friday night, I found myself exploring the medieval cobblestone streets of Temple Bar in downtown Dublin, Ireland.

Ever been to an Irish pub in the States? Multiple that by 1000, add some fun accents, a lot of Guinness and there you have the magic of Temple Bar.  The young, the old, the conservative, the liberal, the fun, the boring, the sober, the smashed, the beer belly, the beer keg…the pubs are filled with a diverse crowd of Dubliners and tourists.

Dublin, you make me smile.


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