1. maj 2012

May 1, 2012 § 2 Comments

Like any national holiday, few knew what they were celebrating

…yet they knew how to celebrate!

Picnic baskets, six packs, sunglasses and a good group of friends is all they needed to get the party started and enjoy den først af maj (the first of May).

Today (the first of May), Denmark celebrated Arbejderenes Internationale Kampdag, also known as Labor Day.

In Copenhagen the celebration was centralized to the central city park, Fælledparken, where thousands gathered throughout the day for picnics, live music, political speeches, carnival food and of course, drinking.

I am thankful to live close to Fælledparken so I made not one, not two, but three visits to the park throughout the day (I had to experience the day from all angles). Early in the morning prior to the celebration…midday when the picnics and live music were in full swing…and at dusk when the crowd was more boisterous, the smells of carnival sugar and beer were more pungent and the park littered with rubbish (it was a recyclers dream!)…I saw it all.

This was a celebration unlike any other I have seen in Denmark.

All the magic would not have been possible without the most important ingredient…


The Sun.

We have been Vitamin D deprived for too long.

Velkommen tilbage mister sol!

Welcome back Mr. Sun! 

Vi har savnet dig!

We missed you!

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