May 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

You can sense the finale.

…all of a sudden boom! bang! boom!

Each second dozens of fireworks explode into the sky, painting the dark night with a vibrant fire.

This climax indicates the inevitable…yes folks, the finale.

So like any good show, I leave you with a watercolorWEDNESDAY finale.

Its been such a pleasure to share watercolorWEDNESDAY with you for…gulp…37 wonderful weeks!  Sharing my work with you every week has given me the opportunity to explore the medium of watercolor to new heights.  The weekly reminder has given me reason to paint, to explore, to learn and to share.

If one were to ask me what I have learned most about watercolor painting through these weeks, it is patience.  Waiting for layer after layer to dry and repeat has taught me much about patience (do you know how much time the Utzon Church took to paint?!?).  And with this artistic patience I have found patience in my own life.  Above all else, my experience abroad has taught to live patiently and faithfully in every moment I have been blessed with while here.

So now for the finale.

I could not just give you one painting.

So here are some of my favorite places around Copenhagen.

Swans at the Lakes.  I wonder if it was here that HC Andersen was inspired to write The Ugly Duckling?

Colorful row houses of Nyboder.  Built by King Christian IV in 1641 and still going strong!

Bridge to Christianshavn.  Although I don’t visit this part of the city often, I love the colorful architecture, cozy canals and sunsets reflected through the west facing windows.

Biking through Fælledparken.  In days with good weather (and when I feel like my allergies can take the hit) I love taking the shortcut through Copenhagen’s central park and being surrounded by fields of green.

Ørstedsparken in spring.  Yes, it might be known as the gay-park, but its still my favorite park in Central Copenhagen thanks to its fairy tale feeling and willows that drape into the colorful reflective pond.

And now for a shameless plug…

I have a handful of wonderful friends currently raising support to participate in a handful of wonderful Christian mission trips this summer sponsored by Cru.  And to help them with support raising along the way I will be selling some of my original paintings and well as making greeting cards sets of prints from the year.  Depending on the size of painting, originals will be for sale starting at $30 and greeting card sets (sets of 6 +envelopes) at $15.  If you are interested in purchasing some of my work please contact me at kstabler@calpoly.edu so I can get a feel for the interest level.

I am also available to do custom paintings if interested.



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