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Howdy from Chapel Hill in Shandon, California!  Two dear friends of mine tied the knot last week and in honor of the site where they were engaged (Chapel Hill), I painted them this memory.  Last October Tim brought Meredith up to Chapel Hill overlooking the grassy hills of Paso Robles and popped the question.  I assume you can figure out that she said yes!

Chapel Hill is a small Catholic chapel outside Paso Robles on the Central Coast of California.  From Highway 46 one can only see a small silhouette of the mission style chapel, but once you make the treck up the hillside you are greeted by this beautiful patio.  Turn around and a view the rolling Central Coast hills awaits you.  Go in the winter when the hills are green and you just might find yourself humming ‘The Hills are Alive.’

Congrats on your marriage Mere and Tim!



July 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

Its back!

Well folks, I couldn’t stay away from watercolorWEDNESDAY.  Yes, my year-long Europe excursion may have come to a close (sigh) but this adventure of life still continues (and boy is it grand!).

And in this wonderful adventure, I continue to paint and would love to share with you (because come on, who doesn’t like a weekly painting?!?)

I have traded the rolling hills (cough…bunny slopes) of Denmark for the majestic peaks of the Sierra Nevada.  A month ago I moved for an exciting internship in Lake Tahoe and by golly, this landscape is too beautiful to not paint!

I can’t promise to post something every Wednesday but I will try my best and we shall see where the summer leads.

So for now let me share with you my first painting from Truckee, California.

Welcome to Kirsten in the Mountains!

Welcome to Truckee, California.  Truckee is a good ‘ol Western town  located half an hour outside of Lake Tahoe, the most majestic and beautiful lake in all the world (personal opinion? NO! fact!).

The town was established as a railroad town in the post-Gold Rush era and was home to the weary survivors of the infamous Donner Party (whose story still gives me shivers).  Today Truckee functions as the threshold to the Western Shores of Lake Tahoe.

Pictured here is the Truckee rail yard.  The tracks are no longer used for passengers, just cargo, but its part of the historic Transcontinental Railroad of the Wild West.  In fact, Truckee’s original name was Colburn Station.

I live close to the tracks so the constant hum and horn of the train follows me around the clock.  I don’t mind though.  I think of it as a good reminder for me to look around, take a pine-scented breath of fresh air and appreciate God’s work that surrounds me.

So next time you take a trip up to the mountains, don’t just ooo and ahh when you pass through Truckee.  Get out, stretch your legs, take a walk around the historic downtown and explore all this quaint place has to offer.

For those of you greeting card lovers, I am thinking of doing a ‘Mountain-set” at the end of the summer.  Stay tuned!

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