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As I transition back to my final year of school in the States, the stress has already begun, yet I still find the time to pull out my paint brushes and start splattering.

Thank God for therapeutic painting!

Today I share a special project with you.  This past summer my childhood best friend’s mother, Leslie, opened Back to the Table, a cooking school and production kitchen in my hometown.  After enjoying Leslie’s delicious cooking throughout the years of my childhood the opportunity to learn from her is a dream come true!  With a focus on bringing families ‘back to the table’ the school is an exciting addition to Lafayette’s downtown.

To celebrate the shop’s new opening, I painted this piece celebrating the shop’s quirky outside and blooming flowers.

Take a whiz around Back to the Table’s website and get your aprons ready!


Christmas in Lübeck

December 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Europeans LOVE Christmas.  Especially Northern Europeans.  I began to see Christmas decorations in grocery and department stores as early as September!  What Denmark lacks in winter daylight, it makes up in Christmas lights.  The main pedestrian streets are adorned with draping garland, white lights and large red glowing hearts.  Not even Scrooge could miss the Christmas fever here.

I kicked off my Christmas season with a day-trip to visit the Lübeck Christmas Markets in Lübeck, Germany.  Lübeck’s Christmas market dates back to 1648 and is now UNESCO Word Heritage Site.

Christmas Markets are a new concept to me but they are all over Europe. Originating in Germany and Austria in the Late Middle Ages, vendors gathered in public squares and streets to sell their goods as gifts during the holiday season.  Today vendors sell everything from fur hats, traditional German candies and hand crafted Christmas ornaments.

After a four hour bus ride from Copenhagen, we arrived in the quaint town of Lübeck and were immediately engulfed by Christmas-ness everywhere.  We spent six hours soaking up the all the holiday festivities, shopping and tasting the tradition fare.

Frohe Weihnachten!

The ferry we took to get the Germany

welcome to Lübeck!

candy Christmas stall

German gingerbread

plenty of ornaments! (check the next photo for where they come from)

glad I came to Germany to get some traditional German ornaments...haha

traditional Glühwein, aka mulled wine

delicious fresh baked bread!

Christmas carnival

Christmas carnival

Eastern Europe Excursions

November 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

My first real European excursion: complete.

 I spent the last two weeks romping around Central Europe visiting Prague, Budapest, Salzburg and Vienna.  

The facts:
15 days.
3 countries.
4 cities.
4  hostels slept in (and one train).
5 train rides.
2 plane flights.
3 castles visited.
5 synagogues visited.
8 churches/cathedrals visited.
4 concerts attended.
3 times we ate at the Hummus Bar in Budapest.
3 hikes walked.

1 great travel buddy (thanks Kathy!).

Countless miles walked.
Too much money spent.
Infinite memories.

1 amazing adventure.

I will be posting a more detailed account of each place once I start to organize all these photos so check back!

Wandering through the West

September 13, 2011 § 4 Comments

Koldinghus, a restore castle that is now an exhibition and event center

This weekend I had the opportunity to explore the western Denmark. Copenhagen, the capital and largest city in DK, is located on the eastern coast of Denmark so this was my first time experiencing more of the country. Although Denmark is only slightly larger than the size of Maryland, there is plenty to explore.

The weekend look me to the main island of Jutland, where we explored the cities of Aalborg,  Århus and Kolding with some random stops along the way.

As always, Scandanavian design in superb throughout all of Denmark.  Our group got to experience the work of Scandanvian masters like Jørn Utzon (architect of the Sydney Opera House), Alvar Aalto (the MASTER Scandanavian architect), Henning Larsen (architect of the Copenhagen Opera House) and Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects (architect of the Copenhagen Royal Playhouse), just to name a few.

Each day we would embark early in the morning, arrive at our destination and go right to work.

Explore. Analyze. Diagram. Sketch. Photograph. Sketch some more.  I easily filled up a quarter of my sketchbook and can’t wait to explore more!

Although I was exhausted each day, the designs I experienced and analysis I learned were well worth an aching hand and sore feet.  Here is a peak at some of what we visited.  Check my flickr site for more photographs!

Enghoej Church by Henning Larsen.

Nikolai Square in Kolding. Restoration and cultural center

Utzon center in Aalborg

City hall by Arne Jacobsen in Arhus

view from the top of the bell tower in Arhus


ARhus modern art museum and the rainbow panorama installation.


View from the ARhus panorma rainbow installation on the roof of ARhus modern art museum.


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