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  • Hi Kirsten:

    I just found your (freshly pressed) blog. It sounds really interesting your semester in Copenhagen. I am an architect and a researcher in a Mexican university working in a couple of big projects: 1) coevolutionary education; and 2) a new and no anthropocentric concept of development (based on how Nature works and operates). So, I will be visiting your blog to see how you articulate architecture and your love por Nature. A big hug.

  • slawp1982 says:

    I like Your blog very much, especially that I have never been to Denmark yet. Did You travel to eastern Europe as well? If not – You must go!

  • ken scofield says:

    Davs, Kirsten! Jeg hedder Ken og jeg kome fra Kalifornia. I was fortuate to share a similar experience in the DIS architecture program in 1974-75 with 10 others from Cal Poly including Richard Fisher. It was the best year in all my educational experience. Our group still hangs together to reminisce even after these 37 years!
    You have impressed me with your travels and your ability to capture the image and feel of these cities and sights with your sketching and watercolors. Keep up the good work and have hope, the sune came out in March and the temperature nearly hit 10 degrees C!
    I will look forward to following the remainder of your danish experience.
    Har det godt!
    Ken Scofield
    (PS Richard would be thrilled to know he has helped other students get to Danmark!)

  • Hi Kirsten!

    Your year abroad looks AMAZING! I am going on my dream trip very soon! Flying into London April 16th! I know at some point during my trip that I will be coming through Copenhagen! I would love to meet up with you and possibly join you in your Bible study – I go to one in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)! Take care girl – God has big plans for you! 🙂

    • kstabler2 says:

      Hey Larae,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Hope you made it safety to London, I was just there.
      Our study meets Tuesday nights at 5:30 in the Copenhagen City Center. We would love visitors! Have fun on your travels!

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